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Become a Member

Becoming a member is a way to contribute to our community and get your voice heard, for example through voting on resolutions at our Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings that are held by UKPC.


What are the different types of membership?

  • Individual - any individual of any age can become a member, whether you are a paraclimber or ally to the community, or anybody else

  • Associate - individuals can also become a non-voting member if this is preferred, for example to show support for the charity without being involved in any decision making

  • Corporate - businesses, charities, companies and other groups who support UKPC can become member organisations


The full terms and conditions of membership can be found here.

Whilst it isn't mandatory, we do ask if you are able to consider making a donation as part of your membership to UKPC. This is especially applicable to Corporate Members. Whatever you can give is much appreciated, and please don’t worry if this isn't feasible for you - it won't affect your membership at all!

Membership Sign Up

What type of membership would you like?

Please help us ensure we are representing all demographics in our community fairly by filling out an anonymous equalities form here.

Thank you for becoming a member!
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