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We offer consultancy to help your business become more accessible to climbers with a range of access needs. Whether you run a climbing wall, are an outdoor activity centre, school, coach, or anything else, we can ensure as many customers as possible are able to access and enjoy your services. Please see below for the packages we offer businesses, or get in touch here for more tailored offers and a quote. All proceeds from our consultancy services go directly to the charity.

***Notice: Our consultancy services are currently on hold, please check back on this page regularly for updates***

Somebody helping somebody else climb


Package 1: Auditing

We will identify problems with accessibility.

Package 2: Consultancy

This includes auditing, plus we will offer potential solutions to any problems we have found.

Package 3: Approval

This includes consultancy, plus we will follow up after changes have been implemented and if you have met our standards you will be able to prove your dedication to accessibility with a UKPC approval badge on your site.

Why be accessible?

Being accessible is not only the right thing to do to ensure that no climber gets excluded. By being disability-aware and inclusive to all, climbing centres, other businesses, and all individuals involved can reap the benefits.

These include:

  • An improved customer experience for all

  • Reaching maximum numbers of customers

  • Increased revenue

  • Better staff retention

  • Being able to support all climbers to live healthier, happier lives - making sure no one gets left behind

A man with a prosthetic leg is climbing a cliff on top rope.
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