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Meet The Team

Jeantique smiling in front of a climbing wall



  • Jeantique's Instagram

Favourite crag: Rhossili, Wales Favourite hold: Fun unique ones! Favourite shoes: Five Ten Anastazis I stumbled across climbing about four years ago and have been in love with the sport ever since. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder and climbing has been the best form of physiotherapy and rehab for me both physically and mentally. I have become very involved in the paraclimbing community, which is now like family to me! As a disabled, neurodiverse, queer woman - and having experienced the positive impact climbing has had on people from every walk of life - I strongly believe that climbing is for everyone!

Anna climbing and turning to smile at the camera


  • Anna's Instagram

Favourite crag: Rhossili/ Stanage Favourite hold: Sharp crimps Favourite shoe: Tenaya Oasis, as a blind climber I really appreciate being able to feel what I’m standing on. I started climbing 3 years ago in my 1st year of university and joined the GB Paraclimbing Team in 2019. Over the last 3 years, I’ve become completely addicted to the sport not only due to the various physical and mental challenges it presents, but also because it has introduced me to the most amazing and inclusive people who I feel so lucky to have met.

A picture of Sionnach topping a route.


  • Sionnach's Instagram

Favourite crag: Lost Valley, Portland Favourite hold: Incut crimps Favourite shoes: EB Black Opium I have been climbing since I was 20 in 2019, and in that time it has helped my health greatly. Climbing makes me appreciate what my disabled body can do rather than focussing on what it can't. It is my therapy both emotional and physical. Now I want to share the benefits with as many people as possible!

Marie is smiling with gear on her climbing harness and wearing a climbing helmet. Cliffs can be seen behind her.


  • Marie's Instagram

Favourite crag: Stanage Favourite hold: any that get me up Favourite shoes: 5.10 Kirigami for now I have been climbing since 2015, started in the outdoors in 2017. My favourite style of climbing is Trad.  I am passionate about women/girl’s empowerment. I am an advocate for diversity but especially representation in diversity. I would like to help underrepresented groups to gain access to the outdoors. I am a trainee Rock Climbing instructor (RCI) and I have also done my Climbing wall training (CWI). I hope to bring a supportive energy to whomever I meet by trying to be as open minded, inclusive and understanding as possible.

Vanessa sitting on a large climbing hold, turning toward the camera and smiling.



  • Vanessa's Instagram

Favourite hold: Jugs, but crimps are growing on me! Favourite crag: Bowles Rocks Favourite Shoes: Scarpa Instinct VS I reluctantly tried bouldering over 3 years ago after my girlfriend asked me to with her. Let’s just say, I became absolutely obsessed after my first climb! My climbing journey has had a few interruptions due to my health but I always got through with the excitement that climbing would be there once I was better. The diverse people I have met through climbing has made me excited about spreading awareness of underrepresented people in climbing.

Poppy smiling while tied in at the top of a cliff.



  • Poppy's Instagram

Favourite crag: Tremadog Favourite shoes: Tenaya Oasi Favourite hold: the yellow triangle ones with little ridges on the sides that look like cheese wedges I tried climbing about 8 years ago at uni, and made so many fab friends I decided to stick with it. As a dyspraxic climber, I love having a sport that allows you to move your body in relation to a static environment, progress at your own rate, and work with others in a structured way. I've been involved in paraclimbing in comms roles for about 5 years and I love helping disabled people access fab climbing experiences.

A picture by David Comer of Yasmin from above climbing some rocks. She is wearing a helmet.

Photo Credit to David Comer


  • Yasmin's Instagram

Favourite crag: Blacknor Beach, Portland Favourite hold: A juggy crimp Favourite shoes: Scarpa Instinct VS I have been climbing indoors and outdoors since I was age 20 in 2015, and I have a passion for showing that climbing is for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities. I found my niche within the paraclimbing community due my disabilities, and I hope to allow others to feel as accepted, welcomed and celebrated as I have. *Photo credit to David Cromer

Tash is climbing inside and turning to smile at the camera.


  • Tash's Instagram

Favourite crag: Boulders by the sea Favourite hold: Jugs!!! Favourite shoes: Boreal Ninjas   I had been climbing indoors a little bit as a kid but got back into it properly in 2019 and have gone outdoors for the first time this year (2022). I love climbing because it’s the one sport I can do no matter how my body is flaring up or what symptoms I have, and having such a variable condition that has been an absolute godsend! I also love how supportive and welcoming the Paraclimbing (and just generally the climbing) community is and how accepting they are of everything that comes with having a disability and needing accommodations in sports.

Kamran rock climbing



  • Kamran's Instagram

Favourite hold: Side-pull Favourite shoes: Unparallel Flagships I started climbing at the age of 30 after spending most of my 20s indoors and in bed, suffering from depression and anxiety. The welcoming paraclimbing community has not only given me a healthier body but also mind. I wish I found this amazing sport and community sooner. But I can only hope to make sure no one else has this regret, by introducing more people to this great sport and its many benefits.

Savva is climbing a cliff by the sea.



  • Savva's Instagram

Favourite Crag: Jurassic coast limestone Favourite Hold: slightly over hanging crimps Favourite Shoes: still searching  I first tried climbing as a kid on a school trip way back in the neolithic 00s. It seemed like a fun if rather brief experience - most of the time was spent listening to safety instructions and fumbling with the gear, but the seed was planted. I found it properly in my late 20s. I just completed an extended hospital stay and had - literally - no idea what to do next. My friend talked to me about this bouldering thing he was into; he showed me a film and wouldn’t stop talking all night. I said alright; let’s do it then. The gym opened at 8am and the rest is history.  I am on the autism spectrum and have an additional handful of diagnoses that make me feel lucky to not live in the 1800s. I also have an unstable spine and joints that like to challenge my authority. I barely feel my body in space and have a poor sense of time. I’m uncoordinated, I trip over my feet and walk my shoulders into doorframes. Things are too often high pitched, busy, unmanageable - yet somehow numbing and not enough. Climbing added another dimension to a somewhat uncompromising world. It makes me feel like a walrus (I hope) feels in water. Give it a go!

A picture of Katie climbing indoors with a serious face.



Favourite crag: Neddysfield, Portland Favourite hold: Two-finger pockets Favourite shoes: Unparallel Sirius Lace LV I have been climbing for eight years, starting indoors when I was 16 at Westway Climbing where I am now an instructor! Climbing has not only allowed me to better manage my disabilities physically, but has also provided me access to a wonderful community where (unlike in other spaces) I never have to explain myself to anyone.

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