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Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership is a way to get your voice heard in our community and contribute to decision making. It's open to any individual, business or organisation, as long as you support our overall aim working towards improving access to paraclimbing. Being a member doesn't have to be a major undertaking; however much or little you do is entirely up to you! Our voting process is designed to be as simple and accessible as possible to our voting members, for example you can vote on any resolutions by email or at meetings, and you don’t have to be able to attend live if you aren’t able to.

You can also remove your membership by getting in touch at any time, for example if you have a change in life circumstances or change your mind. We can also remove your membership if it's in the best interest of the charity - but we will always let you know first and give you a chance to appeal. 

The ins and outs of everything membership entails, as well as our responsibilities to our members, can be found in our governing document.

Please get in touch with us here if you have any questions.

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